Little Stars Kids' Camps Little Stars Kids' Camps is a day camp program that is designed specifically for children 4-7 years of age who are currently living in foster care in Queensland.

The program is one of its kind in Queensland.

Children who are enrolled in the camp program obtain a sense of belonging and are provided with a caring community where they can build positive relationships with other children and camp buddies in a safe and positive way. The program aids the children to build self-esteem and a positive self-image as the primary focus of the camp environment is to respect each child’s differences and enable them to play and engage in activities of their choice with the support of their camp buddy. The camps are not a pre-school environment but a place where the children can have fun and feel special, always with the support of an experienced, compassionate and of course Fun camp buddy. Each child is assigned a one on one camp buddy whose job is to support the child in any way that is needed throughout the camp program.

Children who are engaged in the program attend 4 camps per year with the same group of children and buddy. This builds a familiar environment for the children where they can grow and experience new activities that they may not otherwise have exposure to.

It is acknowledged that many children in foster care have experienced abuse or neglect and need the chance to “just be kids” in an environment where they feel safe and cared for. The activities at the camp range from visits from our beloved Delta Dogs, Fire Engine visits, ponies, craft and sand play, indigenous drumming to singing, dancing and chatting with friends over lunch.

The Little Stars Kids Camp Team have extensive experience in caring for children and of course all have a valid blue card, have undertaken our comprehensive annual training and have a love of children and passion for helping to create special fun experiences and memories for the children.

We also have wonderful therapists on hand at each camp, thanks to our partner, Act for Kids

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